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Twilight Images – A Haunting Journey of Suspense

The death of Thad Connors parents ten years ago was ruled Murder/Suicide. 
The case had been investigated, the crime scene searched in great detail.
All findings compete. Case closed!

But Thad had his doubts. . . 
They had to be wrong. . . 
There had to be something more.

And after suffering gruesome and haunted nightmares for the past ten
years he knew he could not let it go.

It would mean going back . . . opening old wounds . . .  and reliving old memories.
But the truth had to be found. If not, . . . the nightmares might win, . . . 
he might forever be lost in their endless dark abyss.




Trey Weatherbee & Ethel Lewis

Transitions Cover

Transitions; A tale of the supernatural. Thought provoking story, that spans the passing of time.
Eternal love – Guidance
And a tale that will leave the readers wondering, Do Angels really exist?


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