Finding great books by unknown authors

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Helpful advice to help new writers get discovered….

Jackie G Mills

Books sitting

When it comes to books, my mission is to find those unknown ones that contain great stories. Tales that transport the reader into another world. Stories that amaze, excite, scare, thrill, swoon and teach me all kinds of stuff I never thought of or dared to dream about.

Whether you’re a ferocious reader who consumes books by the thousands, or a casual reader who dabble in the pleasure every now and again, I think we can all agree that finding a great book is a marvelous gift.

In the last few years I’ve taken to reading on a device, my preference being Kindle. If you’ve ever been on a site like Amazon you could well appreciate the vast array of books on offer.  I like to read books by unknown authors. Yes, it would be easier to read books by tried and tested writers or  authors who are riding the wave of current hype. I…

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About Ethel Lewis

Born in Dallas, Texas in 1948 "Texan born and Texan bred." Currently live in Galveston, Texas. I share my home with my four friends and companions---all of which have four legs and very furry bodies. Two cats, two dogs. What's that old expression? "Jack of all trades, master of none." That pretty well describes me. Earned a living grooming dogs and cats for thirty years, drove an eighteen-wheeler for nearly ten years. Raised two wonderful children, a son and a daughter--both now grown, have 5 grand-kids, and 2 great-grand-kids. Love 'em all. I recently retired, and am excited to finally find the time to do what I enjoy doing most - Writing the stories and telling the tales, born in my imagination...
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