Review “Gotta Find a Home” by: Dennis Cardiff

Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People

by: Dennis Cardiff




The name of the book drew me in. The thought of someone taking the time to look beyond what most people see—or more times than not, try to pretend not to see—drew me in.

The book is a heart-warming look into the lives of these people, their trials, hardships, and various tribulations. The people themselves, each different in their own way, form relationships and strong bonds (and sometimes strong dislikes) with those they live among. But always there, you sensed the strong bond of family and oneness they have for one another.

“There, but for the grace of God, go I” resonates from every conversation Dennis has with these new ‘friends’. Some of these unfortunate souls are highly educated, come from prominent well-to-do families, or might have children and friends and family members waiting for them to return to the life they had—before they fell on hard times.

This book was written in the form of a diary or journal, day by day conversations-mostly just dialog and very little back-story, which for me was a little hard to keep up with and have the power to hold my attention.

I would recommend this book to everyone, on the merit that all of us could use a real dose of eye-opening reality of the world and all those who live among us!



About Ethel Lewis

Born in Dallas, Texas in 1948 "Texan born and Texan bred." Currently live in Galveston, Texas. I share my home with my four friends and companions---all of which have four legs and very furry bodies. Two cats, two dogs. What's that old expression? "Jack of all trades, master of none." That pretty well describes me. Earned a living grooming dogs and cats for thirty years, drove an eighteen-wheeler for nearly ten years. Raised two wonderful children, a son and a daughter--both now grown, have 5 grand-kids, and 2 great-grand-kids. Love 'em all. I recently retired, and am excited to finally find the time to do what I enjoy doing most - Writing the stories and telling the tales, born in my imagination...
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One Response to Review “Gotta Find a Home” by: Dennis Cardiff

  1. Karen says:

    Great review! I am currently reading this book and can fully agree with you.

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